Japan owns Senkakus, Takeshima according to new textbooks

7 years ago by in Japan

Most new text books that will be used starting with April 2014 in Japanese high schools describe the Senkaku Islands and Takeshima islets as Japanese territories, according to the results of recent textbook screenings announced by Japan’s education ministry on Tuesday.

The two geography textbooks and six of seven textbooks for politics and economics for use at Japanese high schools contained such descriptions for the Senkakus, Japan-controlled islands in the East China Sea which are claimed by China and Taiwan, and for Takeshima, South Korea-administered islets in the Sea of Japan that are claimed by Japan, according to Kyodo news agency.

The description is in line with the Japanese government’s position. China and South Korea reacted immediately to the result of the textbook screenings.

“We hope the Japanese side faces up to history and reality, corrects mistakes and takes concrete steps for improvement in bilateral relations,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

South Korea also lodged a protest against Japan’s approval of the textbooks that describe Japan as the owner of the islets known as Dokdo in Korean.

“(Seoul) strongly protests against Japan for not looking squarely at history and having approved textbooks containing content that evades its responsibility, and we demand a correction of such textbooks,” the South Korean Foreign Ministry said.