Japan protests all things Korean

7 years ago by in Travel

Japanese TV-viewers gathered again to protest against Korean dramas and music videos broadcast by a television station in central Tokyo.

Around 6,000 people came in front of the Fuji Television Network to say “no” to the “Korean Wave” promoted on TV.

The organizers were surprised by the large turnout. They said they will send an open letter to the management of Fuji TV to stop favoring Korean entertainment programs.

It is the second time when people gather in Tokyo to express refusal of Korean media products in TV, news, magazines and music. On Aug. 7, roughly 2,500 people took part in a similar event.

The protests arise in contrast with previous reports of South Korean pop stars increasing influence on Japanese consumers

The "Korean Wave," or "Hallyu," refers to the spreading abroad of South Korean popular culture. Japan is one of the main destinations of Korea’s pop-culture export, with many dramas and songs becoming very popular among ordinary people.

South Korea and Japan have been in a diplomatic conflict over disputed territory. A senior Korean political figure said last week that passive diplomacy is not enough and that military troops should be deployed on the Dokdo islets, disputed with Japan, which calls the territory Takeshima.

Photo by amg.lincluden