Japan's disaster plan criticized

10 years ago by in Travel

Tokyo Times photo

Surveys from various national newspapers in Japan over the weekend showed the population disapprove of Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s handling of the recent disasters, particularly the nuclear crisis.

Tokyo Electric Power Company, meanwhile, has established a plan. The company will focus on cooling down the reactors and spent fuel pools, and decontaminating the radioactive water within three months. The next step, will take place in the following six to nine months. During that period, Tepco aims to fully control the release of radioactive materials, completely shut down all the reactors, and cover all the buildings using an industrial cloth.

These plans are considered realistic, according to nuclear safety officials.

Hidehiko Nishiyama of Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said that this is the best they could do for now, since conditions remain unstable. “There is no shortcut to resolving these issues,” he added. .