Japan set to win around 30 gold medals at the 2020 Olympics

7 years ago by in Sports

Japan is asking its athletes to win twice the number of medal they won in 1964 at the first Tokyo Olympics. Almost four decades ago, during the Olympics, Japan won 16 gold medals, while for the Games’ 2020 edition the country wants to win 70-80 medals, of which 25-30 should be golds.

However, that “will be very difficult,” sports sociologist Toshio Saeki said, adding China and South Korea will also ramp up their efforts to remain Asia`s number-one and number-two sporting powers ahead of Japan.

“But setting a high goal like this could help as it will urge people to work hard,” said Saeki, a professor at the Japan Sports Wellness University.

But in order to achieve such a goal, Japan needs to spend a lot of money in training its athletes.

“Japan will put its efforts into athlete training, although I cannot tell if it will be in a sufficient way,” said Tsukuba University assistant professor Yoshio Takahashi, a sports management expert.

“Japan is a country whose sports-related budget has been limited by world standards.”

So far, there is no extra money being planned for sport, although Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has offered assurances that it will be forthcoming, the international media reports.