Japan sets the trend in skincare

8 years ago by in Business, Entertainment

Japan is famous for its latest trends in skincare, as it is among the first countries in the world when it comes to using cutting edge anti-ageing concepts such as serums, anti-pigmentation products and skin lightening technology, specialists say.

Sales of cleansing oils have risen above lotions and foams over the last years, and the market has seen as well a rise in sheet or cloth masques used to treat various skin problems.

But Japan is ready for the next big trends, such as carbonated cleansing, products based on placenta nutrients and jelly moisturizers.

When it comes to carbonated cleansing, “fizzy” skincare products are a big hit in Japan. The products contain carbonic acid, an ingredient that penetrates the skin and helps the cells work faster and better by increasing the blood flow. Carbonic acid also lifts dirt from pores and assists dry and acne-riddled skin, according to the foreign media.

Carbonated products include bubbling cleansers, skin-perfecting sparkling drinks, aerosol moisturizers that spray in fizzy mists and sparkling bath liquids.

Another skin treatment that is highly trendy among many Japanese women is the one that uses placenta nutrients. Many women in Japan are taking placenta supplements, drinking blended concoctions (available readily from Tokyo pharmacies) or applying them topically. The vitamins and nutrients contained by the placenta improve elasticity and firmness of the skin and make it brighter.

As for jelly moisturizers , the jelly texture make the antioxidants to enter the skin faster and deeper, preventing the premature aging. Jelly products seem to be preferred by users due to their consistency that is not as heavy as cream, but is more durable than a gel.