Japan slips one position in global Twitter top

7 years ago by in Featured, Technology

Japan has lost one position in the global hierarchy of countries that love Twitter most. The Asian nation is now on the third spot, having been surpassed by Brazil.

The U.S. remains number one nation in the world on Twitter, with 107 million users. Brazil comes now second, with 33 million, while Japan is third with nearly 30 million, according to data from research company Semiocast.

Even if Brazil has more people on the social network, Japanese users are more active. A third of them posted at least once between September and November, while only a quarter of the Brazilians who have Twitter accounts posted during the same period.

The most active country on Twitter is the Netherlands, even if it is only on 17th place when it comes to the number of users. Japan comes second in the “most-active” hierarchy, followed by Spain, the U.S. and Indonesia.

Japanese was the first non-English language that was added to Twitter, in 2008.