Japan increases free wi-fi hotspots

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Although Japan is seen as one of the most efficient countries when it comes to technology, free wi-fi hotspots have been non-existent so far, with most of the tourists complaining about the lack of free Internet access, according to Japan Tourism Agency.

However, Osaka is trying to fix that issue, as it recently became the first Japanese city to start using free wi-fi hotspots. It has just announced the launch of Osaka Free Wi-fi, a program that brings free wi-fi to locations throughout the city.

In order to be able to log in, users have to provide an email address. Then they will receive 30 minutes of free wi-fi and will be able to log in again for how many times they want. The service works on Apple, Android and Windows devices.

However, some locations only offer a “light” version of the service, which gives you 15 minutes of wi-fi for up to an hour per day, according to the press.

Participants in the program include the Nankai, Kintetsu and Keihan railways, major tourist attractions, and several hotels, shops and restaurants, all of them being easy to access by the average tourist.

If the program will be successful, most probably the number of hotspots will rise.