Japan’s mobile data revenues exceed voice

8 years ago by in Featured, Technology

smartphonesJapan is the first country where data revenue from mobile devices has exceeded voice revenue, proving one more time that the state excels when it comes to developed mobile broadband network and extended use of advanced mobile gadget, the international press comments.

In figures for 2012, the GSM Association (GSMA) said that Japan’s voice revenue was at $46.5 billion while data exceeded it by almost $2 million, with revenue of $48 billion.

The availability of an advanced broadband network allows Japanese users to take advantage of mobile internet surfing, GSMA says. The fact that the local market adopted quickly the latest smartphones, phablets (phone-tablets) and other connected devices is also another reason for the high data revenue.

By 2018, mobile data revenues exceeding voice will be a global trend. Worldwide data revenues will be targeted at $559 billion while voice will be at $547 billion, experts say. However, some countries will reach this level faster than others. Argentina’s data is expected to already overtake voice in 2013, while the United States and United Kingdom are expected to do so by 2014.