Japan – the most profitable market for Apple

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Japan is the country where Apple reported its biggest profit margins in the last fiscal year. It is the company’s fastest growing market as well, with Apple holding 37 percent of the smartphone and 50 percent of the tablet market in the country.

Apple’s margins in Japan are 15 percent higher than anywhere else in the world, the media claims. The company’s sales have risen around 30 percent during the last fiscal year.

Compared to Japan, in China – which is also seen as an important market for Apple – sales grew only 13 percent.

The reason for the sales’ big increase in Japan is that most people buy the brand, not necessarily the device itself and the functions that it offers.

A Tokyo based analyst, Eiji Mori, claims that when in Japan choose a new mobile phone, it is not about specifications or rationale, “it is about owning an iPhone.”

Apple has evidently gained a strong footing in Japan, one that might be a cause of concern for the likes of Sony and Sharp. It will not trouble NEC and Panasonic anymore though, given that both companies have left the smartphone business.