In Japan Twitter beats Facebook

9 years ago by in Featured, Technology

Japan is the only place in the world where global social media leader Facebook is outperformed by Twitter, according to a statistic recently released by online analysis company ComScore.

Twitter attracts around 21.6 million unique visitors every month in Japan, while Facebook comes second with only 14.4 million users. Mixi, a local social network that rivaled Twitter until mid-2011, has just been surpassed by Facebook.

Facebook is a clear leader in terms of unique visitors of social networking sites across the world, but a few exceptions exist. Besides Japan, Facebook is outperformed by other rivals in Russia, South Korea, Brazil and Poland.

One reason for which Twitter is more popular in Japan may be that anonymity is at greater value here, according to a recent Forrester Research report. This may be also why social media penetration is much lower in Japan (58 percent) than in many other countries (98 percent in the U.S. and United Kingdom, 96 in Australia and the Philippines, 94 in Singapore, 93 in Sweden, 91 in France, 90 in Germany).

The hierarchy may however change in Japan too, with Facebook becoming the most popular social network in a year or two, if current growth rates continue, according to an estimation by Business Insider.