Japan to discuss with China over smog issue

8 years ago by in China, Featured

china-air-pollutionThe Japanese foreign ministry proposed recently a meeting with Chinese officials in order to discuss over the thick smog that is spreading from Beijing to Japan.

The ministry told China “the Japanese government is concerned and is closely monitoring the recent serious air pollution in China” as it might affect Japan’s both environment and people, according to a statement.

China and Japan should discuss as soon as the Lunar New Year holiday season ends in February, in order to set rules for the co-operation of the two states over the smog problem, Japanese officials said.

The thick smog that has been suffocating cities in China arrived in various parts of Japan, leading to warnings of health risks for the young and those who are sick.

Images of Beijing and other Chinese cities blanketed by choking smog were broadcasted by Japanese TV channels last week.

“We can not deny there is an impact from pollution in China”, Yasushi Nakajima, an official with the Japanese environment ministry, said.

Relations between the two countries are already strained due to the territorial conflict over the sovereignty of Senkaku Islands.