Japan to fight air pollution with electric three-wheeled cars

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Global air pollution has recently broke a record of 400 parts per million (PPM), a situation that has not been seen on earth during the last two or three million years.  Japanese carmaker Terra Motors thinks, however, that it can help fighting the global atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide by selling electric motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles.

Terra Motors has been working with former engineers from Honda, Yamaha and Panasonic in order to make two-wheeled vehicles that do not pollute, said Toru Tokushige, the president of the company.

“I set up this company three years ago, started to develop products in Japan, design in Japan. Now we start to manufacture in Vietnam two-wheelers and three-wheelers in the Philippines,” he said.

“In Southeast Asia, many people wear masks to protect (themselves) from air pollution. But (the vehicles) are very clean. It is good for environment.”

Because the vehicles use electricity and not gasoline, they could be a revelation for many countries in Asia who are currently struggling with high fuel prices, Tokushige thinks.

One of Terra’s most recent products is a three-wheeled car with a capacity for six people.

Terra’s prime investors are former presidents of Sony, Apple Japan and Google Japan.