Japan to revive economy by hiring more women

7 years ago by in Business, Japan

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is planning to put the national economy and labor force back on track by urging mothers back to work. Japan has one of the lowest employment rate for women in the developed countries.

The main reason for Japanese women not being hired is that two-thirds of Japanese them leave the workforce after the birth of their first child, the international press reports.

However, since Abe won the parliamentary elections last month, he said he wants Japan to become a leader at an international level when it comes to work equality.

Abe’s new economic plan includes financial incentives for companies to promote women, expanded maternity leave, and increased day-care funding in an effort to get more women, especially mothers, back into the Japanese work force.

Aside from the legal procedures, the government is also trying to challenge cultural norms about childcare by portraying active dads as caped superheroes.

Around 8 million women could go back to work if Abe’s plan succeeds. This revival of the workforce could boost household incomes and jolt the stagnant Japanese economy out of decades of deflation, officials hope.