Japan to support sport programs in more than 100 states

7 years ago by in Sports

Japan is planning to promote various sport programs in over 100 countries through the year 2020, a time that will coincide with the Summer Olympic Games that will be organized in Tokyo.

Japan’s goal is to support sport competitions and to create physical education curriculum for schools.

Around Y1 billion (around $9.6 million) will be given for the program from the 2014 budget. Another Y400 million ($3.8 million) will be used to create modules and curricula for physical education, and will also provide fund and management expertise to countries with little to no experience in holding sports events, the local press reports.

While Japan is supporting other states in their sports programs, specifically in building facilities and sending equipment, the new program is set to boost this kind of foreign aid.

The government will also invite members from the International Olympic Committee to visit Japan to teach people wanting to become sports instructors, and around Y600 million ($5.7 million) from the budget will be allocated to construct facilities specifically for this purpose.

Together with other Asian countries such as China and South Korea, Japan will make donations to create an Asian anti-doping foundation for 2014 to help prevent forbidden substance use in athletes.