Japan to store energy in world’s largest battery

7 years ago by in Technology

Japanese authorities announced they want to install the largest battery in the world to store renewable energy. The battery will be installed at an electrical substation in the Hokkaido island, where solar power generation facilities are used more and more.

It is the first time in the world when a large-scale battery will be used at a substation, according to the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry officials.

The battery will have an approximate 60,000 kilowatt hours of storage capacity and will be installed by the end of next fiscal year, the ministry said. The project will use an important part of the Y29.6 billion saved for battery projects under the fiscal 2012 reserve funds, according to the international press.

The battery will help stable supply of solar and wind generated power which is affected by natural conditions.

Storage batteries were used before in other parts of the world at power generation plants, but Japan has the technology to use them in substations, the ministry said.

Hokkaido, the largest and northernmost prefecture of Japan, started to use many solar power generation facilities after the introduction of incentives to invest in renewable energy in July 2012, as the prefecture has vast lands that are relatively cheap.