Japan unveils robots that detect bad body odour

8 years ago by in Entertainment, Technology

CrazyLabo company and the Kitakyushu National College of Technology developed two robots that warn users when they have bad smelling feet and breath respectively. The company’s officials say they hope the robots will make people laugh.

The first robot looks like a woman’s head and analyzes the user’s breath, declaring an “emergency” if it falls into the worst category.

The other robot looks like a dog and growls when confronted with smelly feet, according to the international press.

The robots use artificial olfaction sensors – or electronic noses. When the user breathes into the mouth of the humanoid robot, named Kaori, its responses range from “it smells like citrus” to “there is an emergency taking place that is beyond the limit of my patience.”

The dog robot, called Shuntaro, smells the user’s feet. If the smell is not too strong, the dog’s speakers will start playing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. If the smell is stronger, the dog robot will make a growling sound and if the odour is too hard to stand, Shuntaro will appear to collapse and pass out.

The company plans to make profit by renting the robots to various events.