Japanese 9-year-old football genius joins Real Madrid’s academy

8 years ago by in Sports

Takuhiro Nakai, a 9-year-old football genius nicknamed “Japanese Messi” for his amazing dribbling skills, will join Real Madrid’s youth academy to sharpen his skills. His fans said hopes are high for him.

“He is looking forward to it,” said Naosuke Takahashi, a member of staff with E+U, a firm that helps organise Real Madrid’s youth programmes in Japan, according to the international press.

“What makes him special is his dribbling skills. For a boy of his age, his ball control skills are very special,” Takahashi said.

Young Takuhiro is shown during a video on Youtube with his hair tied up like a pineapple to keep it out of his eyes, while running rings around his opponents. The video had an amazing success on YouTube, with more than 1.6 million people viewing it, while Takuhior received lots of appreciative comments.

“This young kid will make Japan proud,” posted Philani Ngwekazi, while Reg Zryt said: “Unbelievable skills”.

The youngster has also been featured on Japanese television programmes and, Japanese media say, has been a hit on Spanish TV.

Takuhiro’s future now depends on sorting out the logistics of moving to Spain, Takahashi said, adding that visas, for example, needed to be put in place.