Japanese are spending more time online

8 years ago by in Featured, Technology

japan internetJapanese people, regardless of gender or age, are spending more and more time surfing the Internet, according to a new government survey conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication.

The biggest change in the life of Japanese in the last five years seems to be the growing amount of time used for web surfing, the survey concluded.

About 200,000 people participated in the survey in October 2011. The study is made every five years and it measures how much time people spend every day on usual activities such as work, leisure or meals.

People spent about 41 minutes using the Internet during the week, according to the survey, about 50 percent more compared to 2006, when the previous edition of the survey was conducted. The time spent on the Internet during the weekend increased by a similar proportion.

People aged 25 to 34 spent the most time on the web, about an hour and 17 minutes per day in 2011, compared with less than 40 minutes five years earlier.

Men tend to be more active online than women, with 28.3 percent of the surveyed men saying they spend about three hours online every day. In comparison, 20.8 percent of women said they used the Internet daily, but only for about two hours.