Japanese artist creates amazing 3-D latte characters

7 years ago by in Japan

Artist Kazuki Yamamoto’s breakthrough changed the world of latte art in Japan: he is a pioneer of the trend known as 3-D cappuccinos. Yamamoto has created so far an impressive portfolio of 3-D latte characters that rise up from the coffee cups.

The artist’s collection of drinkable characters includes cats, rabbits, pandas and polar bears. Yamamoto works both with coffee and latte foam, being able to extend his creations out of the cup’s edges. His imagination goes from creating a long-necked giraffe to stretching a cat over one cup to another one filled with 2D fish.

The trick to their creation lies in the quality and placement of fine bubbles of foam. If done in a rush, the whole design will just dissolve into the liquid so Yamamoto takes great care to get it right every time, according to the local press.

“While 2-D art drawn on the steamed milk surface of a coffee can be adjusted as you go, 3-D art is a once only, make or break type of creation. You need to make sure you work with a good stiff foam so it sits on top nicely and is easy to shape”, says the 26-year-old artist.

Yamamoto currently lives in Osaka and plans to open a café in Tokyo someday.