Japanese Photographer Took A Picture Of Her…Well, See For Yourself.

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It’s true… a Japanese artist took a vagina selfie for 3D printers.  The Japanese artist’s real name is Megumi Igarashi but she’s popularly known as Rokudenashiko, which translates to “good-for-nothing girl”. What was meant to be a project for her turned out to be a source of problems. She was arrested in relation to her project, which was a vagina-shaped kayak. It is said that she is being held in Tokyo for circulating images of her vagina for money.

Artist Rokudenashiko specializes in art of the vagina. This vagina kayak wasn’t her first vagina-related artwork. However, it is the biggest one in her collection of vagina-related work and it definitely became her most famous piece. She makes smaller pieces such as dioramas, iPhone cases, T-shirts, and some small sculptures.



In this video, she discusses her vagina art goals and makes some dioramas:

She even decided to raise funds through online crowdsourcing for her vagina kayak art project. Here, you’ll see another video of the artist talking about her vagina kayak project.

If you had contributed to her vagina kayak project which is called “Pussy boat”, you would have received a 3D scanned image of her… well… vagina. If you were into that sort of stuff, you can print it out. She created the rendering and then expanded it fully to the size of a kayak. By doing that, it allowed her to get every single detail of her private part.


At first, she used those 3D rendered images of her private part to make smaller models of a kayak like these ones:  BftN-fdCUAA2bbz

Then after making those small models of the kayak, she then created and sailed in her “Pussy Boat”.838dedad9

Alright… that’s something you don’t see everyday.

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