‘Japanese Beethoven’ says is not totally deaf, can hear sometimes

5 years ago by in Japan

Japanese composer Mamoru Samuragochi, who stated for years that he is deaf and who confessed recently that his music was written by a ghostwriter, says now that is only partially deaf.

Samuragochi claimed to have been completely deaf for 15 years. He was hailed for creating a tribute anthem in the memory of Hiroshima victims, as well as music included in soundtracks for video games such as Resident Evil.

After admitting that he has been faking his deafness, at least partially, Samuragochi sent a handwritten apology to news organizations through his lawyers.

“I apologize from the bottom of my heart for betraying and hurting many people,” he wrote, in his first public statement addressing the allegations about his hearing.

Last week, Takashi Niigaki, the ghost composer who created the musical works of Samuragochi said that the mock artist is not deaf and that he can not even write sheet music.

Niigaki described the image of a carefully orchestrated fraud which saw Samuragochi — who once called his hearing loss a “gift from God” — play the role of tormented artist.

“He may use some hand signs or read lips at the beginning, but he starts carrying on normal conversations as the discussion gets going,” Niigaki said.

“I think he had tough time pretending to be completely deaf. Recently, when I met him alone at his home, we talked normally from the start. From the day I first met him until now, I never once felt that he was deaf,” he added.

“But later I found out that he cannot even write musical scores,” he said, adding that “in the end, I was an accomplice”.

In his written statement, Samuragochi stated that he had been deaf, but in the past three years had recovered a degree of hearing.

“It has recovered to an extent where I could sometimes grasp words when someone speaks clearly and slowly close to my ears, though it sounds muffled and skewed,” he wrote, according to the international media.

According to his letter, Samuragochi is prepared to face the public and apologize it in person, as well as to have his hearing medically tested and to return his government-issued disability certificate if found ineligible.