Japanese Women Didn’t Want To Eat Messy Burgers, So The Restaurant Made This

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A burger restaurant in Japan invented something for women that made their sales go up by 213%.

The restaurant name is “Freshness Burger”. It’s a national hamburger chain that has several locations around Japan.


One of their largest burger the “Classic Burger” is very popular among men and it was the least chosen one by women.


They found out that the reason why is because of small mouths or “Ochobo” which is considered attractive in Japan.


The word Ochobo is also considered well-mannered, covering one’s mouth when they open it in public.

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Men have no problem and are comfortable opening their mouths to eat the “Classic Burger”…


But, women are self conscious about doing the same so they just end up eating something that’s small enough to fit their mouths.


In order to make women comfortable with eating a large burger, Freshness Burger created the “Liberation Wrapper”. The Liberation Wrapper is not only a burger wrapper BUT it is also a face-mask for women.


With the burger mask wrapper, women will then forget Ochobo and enjoy the Classic Burger.

Source: foodbeast.com
After the “Liberation Wrapper” was created, Freshness Burger’s sales of the Classic Burger went up by 213%.

Source: inmd.co.kr
Now, the women are freed from the spell of Ochobo and can enjoy the Classic Burger.




If you want to check out the full video of their campaign, click here.