Japanese company builds cat friendly house

8 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

cat houseJapanese housing and construction group Asahi Kasei built a genuine house that offers modern living conditions both for humans and cats. Felines will be happy to try the platforms to jump from or the tunnels to explore inside the new house.

The house, called Plus-Nyan, features “open air cat walks, climbing steps, extra space in the bathroom designed especially for a litter box and special fences to prevent cats from escaping,” according to Asahi Kasei.

Every door has cat flaps inserted, while wooden steps extend from the walls, helping the cat to climb up. The house is made of materials that resist to scratching and that can be easily cleaned.


It might not be surprising that the invention was presented by a Japanese housing company, considering that Japanese “treat their pets like children”, according to the international press.

In order to prove its love for cats, Japan became the first country in the world to introduce the concept of “cat cafes”. Japanese pet lovers can as well offer special gifts to their four-legged friends, such as “Organic Catnip Hearts” designed for Valentine’s Day.