Japanese develop technology against phone-call fraud

8 years ago by in Featured, Technology

The first technology able to detect deceiving phone calls was developed by Fujitsu and Nagoya University. The project intends to prevent phone phishing scams and frauds, the two partners announced.

The technology addresses situations when an individual may have a diminished capacity to objectively evaluate an explanation being given by the other party, a so-called “overtrust” case. In situations of overtrust, there is the risk of believing everything another person is saying, even in cases of remittance-soliciting phone phishing scams.

It analyses certain key-words included in the conversation, as well as changes in tone and voice inflexions that can indicate an “overtrust” situation. It then alerts the intended victim as well as alerting the person’s family or a designated friend.

The prototype technology will be tested starting this month as mobile phone application in cooperation with National Police Agency of Japan and the Bank of Nagoya.

In a previous test made by the authors of the technology, it was demonstrated that situations of overtrust could be detected with over 90% accuracy.