Japanese dogs have their own cake for Christmas

7 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

Japanese dog owners can make a surprise to their four-legged friends this Christmas: pastry chef and Italian restaurant owner Naohiko Nagatani prepared a special type of cake for dogs.

The ingredients include sponge and whipped cream. The cake can be eaten not only by dogs, but also by their owners, the chef said.

“The birth rate’s declining here in Japan, so dogs have pretty much become like children and people want to share Christmas with them,” Nagatani said.

“But if it’s just the humans eating cake, the dogs put on a really sad face. They want to have some themselves and get upset if you don’t give them cake too.”

Dogs can have problems due to chocolate or alcohol ingest, so Nagatani left these two ingredients out of the cake. To make the sponge even more canine-friendly, he used spelt, a type of wheat that causes fewer allergies than wheat flour, he explained.

Nagatani’s restaurant filled orders for 70 cakes for dogs, with each cake priced at Y6,000 ($73).

Akiko Uchida, a dog owner, is a regular client of the cake shop and both he and his dog are enjoying Nagatani’s cake: “I share it out between us, take photos and shoot videos to capture the moment. But to be honest, I probably enjoy it more than him”, Uchida said.