Japanese enjoy renewed cherry blossom tradition

8 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

Millions of people have gathered to admire cherry blossoms in Japan over the weekend, renewing a tradition that last year was cancelled in the wake of the natural disasters which hit the country.

“We weren’t in the mood for partying under the flowers last year,” said Tokyo city official Tatsuko Suzuki.

Police officers from this neighbourhood were also dispatched to the disaster-hit areas, and lanterns were unlit due to the power shortage, she added.

“We feel we can thoroughly enjoy the cherry blossoms this year, since we couldn’t last year,” said 78-year old Takao Yoshiya who visited Asakusa park with his wife to watch the spectacular colours which only last for about a week.

“It’s been so cold that we had to wait for the blooming for a long time,” said Masako Endo, a 82-year-old citizen. “We were very much looking forward to this season to come.”