Japanese female gymnast reports abuse by a coach

7 years ago by in Sports

A female gymnast in Japan has filed a report against her coach, accusing him of physical abuse. The report is investigated by the Japan Olympic Committee (JOC) and its conclusion will be made public, according to a JOC source.

“Whoever the whistle blower is, it could be someone who quit the club, but within the club there are athletes who dislike their coaches. But regardless, I have never raised my hand to an athlete. I have no recollection of ever doing so,” a coach who has been questioned by the JOC regarding the complaint said.

“If the investigation reaches some conclusion, then we will make it public,” the JOC source said. “We can not say anything now except that we are investigating.”

JOC officials were not available for comment, the international press reports.

The Japan Gymnastic Association is also conducting its own investigation and if it will be found that the gymnast was physically abused during trainings, it will take disciplinary measures. However, the investigation is on hold at the moment, as “we are unable to interview the alleged victim, who has taken her complaint to the JOC,” a top executive of the association said.