Japanese firm sees China project cancelled after violent protests

8 years ago by in China, Featured

Oji Paper, the Japanese company whose factory in China was at the centre of violent protests over the weekend, said that pollution accusations are “totally groundless”.

The company is concerned about the protest demonstrations, it said in a statement, but denied accusations that one of its pipelines is dumping toxic substances into local waters.

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Qidong, near Shanghai, over the weekend. The demonstrations were violent, with up to three people killed, many more injured and up to 100 people arrested, according to the report of Chinese Human Rights Defenders organisation.

Due to the violent reaction of the locals, the local Chinese authorities have announced that the project would be “permanently cancelled”.

The protesters do not agree with the plan of a pipeline running 100 kilometres between the plant and the sea close to Qidong, saying that it would dump toxic substances into the water.

“There are some reports that discharged water would contain carcinogens but that is totally groundless,” the Japanese company said.

“We are controlling water quality in a responsible manner by purifying water enough to satisfy China’s national standards.”