Japanese food is favorite cuisine in 6 countries

5 years ago by in Entertainment

Six out of the seven markets that were subject of a survey responded that Japanese food is their favorite foreign cuisine, the Japan External Trade Organization said.

The six countries that really love Japanese food are China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, France and Italy. The only country that was surveyed and did not place Japanese food on the first place was the United States. There, it came only on the third place.

Sushi, yakitori and tempura were especially popular regardless of country or region. The results also showed the popularity of ramen noodles both in Asia and the US, while curry rice is preferred in Europe, according to the authors of the survey.

About 80% of respondents, especially those from China and the US, highly appreciated the taste of refined Japanese sake.

The survey was directed to consumers in the seven countries. It was made online, in December, and covered a total of 2,800 people in their 20s to 50s, according to Kyodo.