A Japanese Hairdresser Is Traveling Throughout The World To Give Haircuts

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A Japanese hairdresser by the name Jun Kuwabara made a plan on April to take a journey around the world and give haircuts to those who want one.


As quoted from Jun Kuwabara: “I wanted to engage in something significant while I traveled and the only thing I can do is cut hair – so I thought I’d work on an idea of cutting hair for 1,000 people.”



In order to find customers, he asked for locations where he could give out haircuts.



He is dedicated to giving haircuts to locals even if it’s in the middle of a market or park.



Just by looking at these pictures, you can tell his special interest in giving out services to anyone who’s in need of a haircut.


His quest allows him to give haircuts to anyone who’s willing to put trust in his special talent.



He mentioned that once he started cutting one person’s hair, other people usually ask for a haircut too.


He has already visited some Southeast Asian countries which include Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Philippines, and Tunisia in Africa.


You’re probably thinking, “How about the language barrier?” Well, this talented hairdresser gets by from country to country with a handmade sign that introduces him in a few different languages.


It says, “Hello! I’m a Japanese hairdresser. I have been cutting many people’s hair while traveling around the world. Let me cut your hair! The price is up to you! Thank you.”

He’s currently still in Southeast Asia, but he has future plans on traveling to the Middle East, Europe, Africa, India, and South America. If you’re interested in following his journey, he has Instagram, Facebook, and a blog written in Japanese.

Source: instagram