Handsome Japanese journalist overshadows civil strife in Thailand

7 years ago by in Entertainment

Japanese journalist Daijiro Enami, 28, has apparently become an overnight sensation due to his looks after he appeared in a video report covering Thai protests in Bangkok for Japan’s Fuji Television Network.

The handsome journalist, wearing a safety helmet and bulletproof, has eclipsed the event that he was covering, with photos of him spreading in an instant through Thai social media. The photos managed to cool the tensions as the social networks users started to make light conversations regarding Enami’s good looks.

Forum member Edna Mode even joked that former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra had hired him to “divert the situation and cool off (tensions)”, while another forum member who calls herself Venusian said that she had forgotten about her husband while looking at the journalist’s photos.

“Take off your bulletproof vest, I will use my body to protect you,” said an admirer with the username Noo Khon Dee on popular Thai forum, Pantip.com, the international press reports.

Another user wanted to help escort him around Thailand “for the sake of international relations”.

The attractive reporter never said no to requests for pictures, and patiently posed for many selfies with anti-government protesters and fellow journalists.

He is part of Fuji Television’s evening news programme, FNN Super News. The programme has been the highest-rated network news programme in Japan for nine years in a row.