Shinzo Abe answered Japanese kids’ questions on Children’s Day

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On 5 May, Japan is celebrating one of its national holidays, Children’s Day. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe invited the kids of Japan to ask him questions during this day using the popular Line smartphone application for free calls and messaging.

“As I work as prime minister, I usually have few chances to talk with children,” Abe said in a message posted for the event. “Any questions — about the job of the prime minister, about me personally, the world, serious ones and soft ones — are OK,” Abe added, according to Kyodo news agency.

Text messages containing questions from elementary and junior high school-age children have been invited, according to a message posted by a member of the prime minister’s staff.

Children’s Day, an annual event in Japan, celebrates children’s personalities and their joy and happiness. It was designated a national holiday by the Japanese government in 1948 and originally it was made only for boys, but as the time passed, it became a celebration for both little boys and girls.

During their national day, children usually eat rice cakes (called “mochi”) wrapped in oak leaves (called “kashiwa-mochi”) and sweet rice paste (“chimaki”) wrapped in bamboo leaves.