Japanese ‘land and water’ bus makes waves among tourists

8 years ago by in Japan

Japanese automobile company Hinomaru Bus released the “land and water” bus – one of Tokyo’s latest attractions for tourists who want both to sightsee and enjoy a bit of adrenaline.

The bus goes on two different routes, one is the “Tokyo Sky Three Course”, while the other one is the “Kameido Course”. Both of them take tourists around the city, showing off Japan’s culture and history.

However, the most interesting part comes when the bus goes from land to water, a process called “splash point”. As the bus approaches the point of entry to the water, passengers are encouraged to shout “splash” at the top of their lungs, an experience that brings them closer to a ride similar to the one of an amusement park attraction.

The service, dubbed “Sky Duck Tokyo Splash Tour”, launched on March 2013 and has been fully booked since its first day of operation, according to the local press.

The “Tokyo Sky Three Course” is the first sight-seeing tour in Tokyo that includes areas such as Kameido, Kinshicho, and Oshima.

“Up until now there have been various tours that focus on well-known places such as Asakusa or Ueno but by introducing areas that tourists do not often get a chance to see, it is possible to give sightseers a real feel for everyday Japanese life and the landscape of the town,” a Hinomaru Bus spokesperson said.