Japanese luxury toilet, totally controlled via smartphone

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Satis-Smart-ToiletLixil, a Japanese company, has recently released a luxury toilet model called the “Satis”. The ingenious toilet can be totally controlled via a smartphone, which means its owner can flush, clean and adjust it just by using a special app.

How does the Satis work? First, the owner has to download an app in the Google Play Store and then connect his or her smartphone via Bluetooth to the toilet. Once paired, the app features controls to flush, clean, raise, lower or heat the toilet seat, or chooses music to play through the toilet’s built-in speakers.

Among its most special features is the one that allows the user to set up a ‘toilet diary’ which monitors the number of daily visits to the can and checks on the owner’s health, according to Japan Trends, which adds that the app includes “cute euphemistic symbols for what you managed to achieve on different days.”

Here is how the toilet works:


The Satis toilet will be on sale starting February 2013. For now, the app is available only in the Google Play Store, which means that at the moment only Android phone owners can use it, while the iPhone users will have to wait a little longer.