Japanese man’s project: travel the world and photograph beautiful women

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Kei Akatsu, a Tokyo University of Science student, has a rather original project: to travel the world, meet pretty women, and take their pictures. He started his project in Vancouver, where he lived, approached ladies and took their photo for six months . Then he set up his website, Beauties World Map.

The website contains pictures of beautiful women all around the world, together with their blogs, landscapes and locations. But all the trips in foreign countries and updating the website with more content request money, so Akatsu turned to crowd funding.

He posted his project on Japanese crowd funding site Campfire at the end of 2012, presenting his plan together with promotional videos and sample photographs, the local press reports.

At the moment, he needs funding to travel all the way to across North and South America. During his trips, he will approach pretty girls and try to take their photo, which will be later added to his website. Akatsu is planning to compile both the photos of the beautiful ladies and landscapes into books.

Akatsu’s promotional video got over 300,000 views on YouTube and he managed to raise about Y76,000 ($793) through the crowd funding website.  However, his intended target is Y1,059,060 ($11,055.19), with donors getting back a range of benefits for their sponsoring, such as receiving a produced ebook photo album, a postcard with a picture of a beauty and having their names and URL on Akatsu’s website as official sponsors.