Japanese men shout out their love to their wives

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img class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-7549″ alt=”japan-love” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/japan-love12.jpg” width=”244″ height=”174″ />Japanese husbands gathered at Hibiya Park in Tokyo, on Tuesday night, to publicly confess their love for their wives. For many European or American couples saying “I love you” might be a common thing, but the situation is not the same in Japan where control over emotions is highly appreciated.

However, once a year, before January 31st which has become “Beloved Wives Day”, men express their love so their wives and everyone around can hear it. It has become a five-year old tradition for Japanese men, who are usually modest and reserved, to step up on a stage in Hibiya Park and shout out their feelings as loud as they can.

One man apologized to his wife for his growing weight all because of the great way she cooks. “Thank you for making such delicious bentos every day. I love you,” he shouted.

“Let us hug each other a lot tonight,” another man screamed, holding his daughter. “Thank you.”

Wives were very happy, the Japanese press comments, with one woman saying how her husband, who has previously expressed his feelings on the stage, reminded her of how macho he used to be eight years ago, when they got married