Japanese micro-hotel offers ‘9 hours sleep’ to guests in a rush

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A capsule hotel in Japan, Kyoto, has adjusted its services especially for the guests that are in a rush, and that is: check-in, sleep and check-out.

The Nine Hours hotel has a sci-fi design and innovative sleeping technology, providing to its guests a quick rest for 49 dollars a night.

The hotel was opened at the end of 2009, and is relentlessly clean and futuristic, with monochrome décor and minimalist iconography, the international press says.

The hotel’s name refers to the idea that one would only need to spend nine hours there, with just one hour to get ready for bed, seven hours to sleep, and one hour to get up in the morning. However the time limit is not mandatory and guests can spend there up to 24 hours.

The hotel’s mini-rooms are created especially to induce relaxation; each of them is equipped with a Panasonic-built sleeping system that lulls guests to sleep and wakes up at a set time by modulating the light.

Nine Hours has signs and texts that are color-coded by gender, red for female, black for male and echoes of minimalism.