Japanese MMA Community Shows Support

8 years ago by in Travel

The support shown for the survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 has been a symbol of what mankind can rally to do for those in need. The numerous fundraisers, individual charitable donations and other projects have made their mark on those in need in Japan. There have been many clever ideas such as books with collaborative accounts of the event, concerts, fundraisers on numerous websites, and other events that have without a doubt made a difference.

Something that has not been as publicized outside the circles of mixed martial arts is the effort the MMA community has shown to those in need.

Enson Inoue, a longtime mixed martial artist who has made a name in Japan with his "yamato damashii" trademark is one that has done incredible things to contribute to the effort. Inoue began donating 100% of the proceeds from handcrafting rosaries (beaded necklaces) that sold at an incredible pace. In addition, Mr. Inoue made several treks north to donate blankets, shoes, food, toys, and other items that were slower getting to the victims otherwise. The smiles on the victims’ faces were extremely touching and could almost bring tears to the viewers eyes. A photographer/writer for one of the largest mixed martial arts websites in the world, Daniel Herbertson, joined Inoue on one of these journeys and assisted him in helping, traveling about the hardest hit prefectures. His chronicle of this journey can be viewed here.

Several organizations have joined together to support the efforts as well. DREAM, the largest organization in Japan has been donating proceeds from their "Fight for Japan" events to the victims of the quake. Famous fighters such as Masato and Norifumi KID Yamamoto formed the "Stand Up Japan" charity, which held events in Roppongi to donate their share to the efforts.

Numerous other organizations have done much of the same – nearly every MMA organization has played their part. This goes to show that no matter what your trade, what your organization, everyone has rallied to support the victims of the dreadful day – a day that will touch so many in every possible way.