Japanese patissiers make world’s longest roll cake

6 years ago by in Entertainment

A group of 90 Japanese patissiers and confectionery college school students set a new Guinness World Record in Tokyo, on Thursday, for making the longest roll cake.

The dessert measures 130.68 meters and was made of 54 kilograms of flour, 43 kilograms of sugar, 2,682 eggs and other ingredients.

The Guinness World Records declared the dessert the world’s longest roll cake. The team of patissiers managed to break the previous record of 115.09 meters which was also set in Japan, on 19 November 2011, by Shotengai Shinkokumiai Takasaki Chubu Meitengai and Takasaki Chuoginza Shotengai Shinkokumiai from Takasaki.

The dessert that set the previous record for longest cake in the world was made of 100 kilograms of whipped cream, 10 kilograms of sugar, 45 grams of gold powder and other ingredients.

On Thursday the team was presented with its official certificate to prove it has cooked its way into the record books with its over 130 meters long cake, according to the international press.