Japanese police turned away most wanted criminal

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When the fugitive Makoto Hirata tried to turn himself in to police after 17 years on the run, the police rejected him as a joker and told him to go to local police station nearly a mile away.

Japanese newspapers have leaked the fact that Hirata, a suspect in at least one murder who was a member of the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo was forced to leave the Tokyo Metropolitan Police headquarters he initially turned himself into and find another. Makoto Hirata is said to have walked up to a riot police office at the headquarters and said “I am Makoto Hirata and I’m here to turn myself in.” The officers are said to have taken a look at him and thought he looked too different from the wanted poster and despite Makoto Hirata arguments they told him repeatedly to go to another police station.

Good thing this criminal had a conscience, otherwise Japan would still be looking for him. Japanese bloggers are harshly criticizing the police for what was a major failure to verify Hirata’s story.