Here’s The Accusation That Caused A Japanese Politician To Burst Into Tears (With Video)

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*crying* “This Japan… I want to change this society…” *crying*



A 47 year old Japanese politician by the name Ryutaro Nonomura, was captured in a video that became an instant hit on the Internet. The video showed Nonomura throwing a massive tantrum, crying and banging his fists on the table. What made this grown man cry like a baby? He was suspected to have been using ¥3 million of official allowances for non-work related purposes. Nonomura was shouting while trying to explain how the money was spent. It was later revealed that he used the money on about 195 trips and four vacations in just one year, which also included 106 visits to a hot spring resort. What was surprising is the fact that he couldn’t even produce a single receipt or any other type of proof that the trips were work-related. His excuse was that he never knew that receipts can be issued by the automatic ticketing machines. Hmm… sounds a bit fishy. Well, here’s the famous video that has been going viral on YouTube and well… all over the Internet.


Picture: YouTube, theamused

Video: YouTube