Japanese prefer shower and toilet-resistant phones

8 years ago by in Featured, Technology

Phone makers in Japan have adjusted to their clients’ wish, especially women, to use the mobile in the most unusual moments and places, including on the toilet or under the shower.

The result is that 90 to 95 percent of all phones sold now are waterproof, according to a Panasonic representative.

“You may drop the phone in the bathroom, or bring it close to water when you wash your hands or it may fall inside toilets,” he said.

Fujitsu, which covers 20 percent of the Japanese smartphone and tablet segments, confirms the trend. “The mobile phone is with us 24 hours a day. It accompanies us to the bathroom, to the shower, or under the rain. So it is a necessity for the phone to be robust,” said a senior vice president of the company.

The two phone makers have presented new models at the Barcelona exhibition this week, including dust-proof and crack resistant devices, which would especially appeal to customers who work in construction industry.