Japanese robot takes top score in DARPA int’l competition

5 years ago by in Technology

Last weekend, DARPA international competition called SCHAFT, a bipedal robot created by a Japanese team, the winner of the contest. The robot, that was created to rescue victims out of natural disasters, scored 27 points out of the possible 32.

IHMC Robotics (20 points), Tartan Rescue (18 points), MIT (16 points), RoboSimian (14 points), WRECS (11 points), TracLabs (11 points) and Trooper (9 points) filled out the next seven spots, the international press reports.

The Japanese robot managed to accomplish all of its tasks except for driving a car. It was made by a team of Japanese roboticists who were students in the laboratory of a pioneer in the design of intelligent humanoid machines.

The students recently left the university to enter the Darpa contest and created the company Schaft. It has since been bought by Google as part of the company’s new robotics initiative.

16 teams competed in the trials that were held on the infield of the Homestead-Miami Speedway. The final prize of $2 million will be awarded in 2014, and eight teams were now selected to move on. The eight are now eligible for $1 million in support to help them prepare for the final event, according to the media.