Japanese robot wants to win triathlon

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A small robot made by electronics company Panasonic will take part into the famous Ironman Triathlon to be held in Hawaii. The robot, which is not at its first “physical tryout”, will swim, bicycle and run at the event.

Evolta, as the robot is named, is already known for climbing the cliffs of the Grand Canyon and driving on the Le Mans racetrack for 24 hours. He also walked the 500 km distance between Tokyo and Kyoto.

"The robot will encounter a lot of hardships on its way, but I hope it will overcome them all and succeed in the end," Evolta’s creator Tomotaka Takahashi said about its attempt to go through the Ironman Triathlon, one of the toughest in the world.

Evolta has three different bodies and is powered by three rechargeable batteries. It will pretty much need all its resources to accomplish the triathlon task, which is to swim, run and bike for a total of about 230 km. The robot was given one week (168 hours), ten times longer than a sportsman usually needs for the same task.

"I had to think of the ways to make it water-proof and protect it from mould as much as possible," Takahashi said.

Photo by: emmettanderson