Japanese students create hug-giving “Girlfriend Coat”

7 years ago by in Japan

A team of Japanese students at Tsukuba University have invented a coat designed to be a substitute for girlfriends. The special coat can give hugs to the one who wears it whenever he feels like it.

Called the “Riaju Coat” (Fulfillment Coat), the machine is designed to simulate the feeling of a man when his girlfriend hugs him around the waist from behind. It is made of two robotic pincers and a pre-recorded voice to complete the hugging experience, the local press reports.

The “arms” are operated by motors attached to the back of the coat and are controlled through a PC using a USB connection.

Aside from the jacket, the wearer has to use a pair of headphones in order to hear the recorded sound of footsteps running from behind, and a voice saying these pre-recorded sentences “I am sorry, were you waiting?”; “Watch your back!” (in a cute way); “Guess who?”; and “Blind side!”, followed by an automatic hug.

“The Girlfriend Coat” was not created for commercially purposes – at least that is what the team of students thinks at the moment.