Japanese teen sprinter Kiryu loses world record

6 years ago by in Sports

Japanese teen sprinter Yoshihide Kiryu has lost his junior world record for the 100 meters after the officials stated the equipment used to measure the wind speed was not up to international standards, according to a report.

The 17-year-old clocked 10.01-seconds at a meet in Hiroshima on April 29. At the time he raised hopes in Japan he could become the first native Asian to break the record of less than 10 seconds for sprinting a distance of 100 meters.

However, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has informed the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF) that the time of 10.01 was not valid, the international press reports.

The measured wind speed  was of 0.9 meters per second, but the measuring equipment was not up to current international standards, which call for an ultrasonic wind gauge.

The time, which makes him the ninth fastest 100m sprinter of the year, will continue to be listed in the IAAF rankings.

The Japan Association of Athletics Federations asked that whenever Kiryu will compete again, proper wind measuring equipment to be used, just in case he might break the 10-second barrier.

Kiryu’s time of 10.01 was the same as that clocked by Trinidad and Tobago’s Darrel Brown in 2003 when he was 18.