Japanese women going gaga over video dating games

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Female-oriented video games such as “otome” by Gree Inc. are no doubt, the hottest thing for Japanese women today as developers are increasingly focusing on romance games catered to women.

The video-game market in Japan which already has a figure of $10.6 billion could climb further as Japanese women gamers are anticipated to triple the sales of games in social networks in the next five years, the BNP Paribas SA in Tokyo said.

An analyst says the market for female-oriented video games could amount to 20 billion yen ($261 million) for the next five years.

Gree, which runs and develops games at a social network service in Japan, revealed that shares of the company doubled this year with women accounting for 40% of its users.

DeNA Co., a developer of mobile-phone games also generated an increase of 23% in its shares this year with 40% of its users comprised of women.

Also, shares of Voltage Inc. which develops dating games for women rose by 21% this year.

Toshihiro Nagahama, chief economist at Daiichi Life Research Institute Inc. in Tokyo said, “Dating games became a blockbuster category among women because characters in those games give them what they want from men in the real world.”

The rise in the demand of female-oriented games is also attributed to the increasing popularity of social network games with the gaming industry increasingly shifting to computers and smartphones or tablets.

Meanwhile, this year’s sales of long-established video-game companies namely Nintendo and Sony plummeted by 51% and 48%, respectively.

The popularity of dating games in Japan is expected to influence the concept of targeting female market in the global level, opined Tomoaki Kawasaki, an analyst at Cosmo Securities Co. in Tokyo.

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