Japanese women growingly interested in boar and deer hunting

8 years ago by in Entertainment, Sports

Young Japanese women aged between their 20s and 30s, living in Hokkaido island, are more and more interested in owning firearms and hunting, despite the fact that the sport is rather popular among men both inside and outside of Japan.

The reason is that the Japanese Ministry of the Environment is actively seeking out more hunters among young people in Japan. There are currently about 200,000 hunters in Japan – less than half of the number in 1970 – and around 65 percent of hunters are men over 60 years old, the local press reports.

More hunters are needed to keep under control the growing number of deer and wild boars who are overeating foliage. A way too high number of such animals can represent a danger not only to themselves, as they can get to starve to death, but for humans as well. When foliage is overeaten, the result can be dangerous mudslides, which become much more likely without plants to hold the soil in place.

To become a hunter, one has to pass numerous tests, such as hearing and vision, knowledge of hunting regulations, knowledge of hunting equipment and gun tests.

Women seem to be so interested in hunting due to the time spent out in nature, but also for a more pragmatic reason: using the deer or boar meat for cooking.