Japan’s main airport increases capacity

7 years ago by in Japan

Narita, Japan’s main international airport, increased its capacity in order to allow tens of thousands more flights every year. Narita will also cut landing fees starting with April, in its attempt to keep up with the competition and to reduce the criticism over its high landing fees.

Narita airport has opened 10 new spots for parking planes and a new strip to boost access to an existing runway, meaning available flight slots would rise to 270,000 annually, up from 250,000 now, according to the international press.

The Japanese airport has also been criticized for a long time over expensive landing fees charged to airlines and its inconvenient location, about an hour express train ride from downtown Tokyo.

In order to reduce the critics, Narita will cut landing fees with 50 percent for at least the next three years. The airport is also pressured by the rival Haneda Airport which is far closer to Tokyo.

This month, Japan will also sign a deregulation pact with more than 20 countries including the United States that will allow airlines freely decide on the routes and frequency of their flights to and from Japan, without first winning Tokyo’s approval. The deal refers to about 91 percent of international flights arriving and departing from Japan.