Japan’s newest volcanic islet expands by 3X

6 years ago by in Japan

Japan’s newest island created by a volcanic explosion last month in the Pacific Ocean is getting bigger and could be fixture on landscape in the future, according to the Japan’s Meteorological Agency.

The island, which has grown more than three times its original size, is located 621 miles south of Tokyo and was formed from lava that cooled and solidified above sea level following a large undersea volcano eruption in late November, according to the international press.

At the moment, the island covers around 0.02 square miles, according to officials at Japan Meteorological Agency.

“As the volcanic eruption is still continuing, we do not know the fate of the island,” said Tomoyuki Kano, an agency official.

The eruption was the first in 40 years in the Ogasawara chain. It occurred about 130 kilometers off the closest inhabited island.

“If this becomes a solid island, our country’s territorial waters will expand,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said last month.

A new island was born also in Pakistan, in September, after a huge earthquake hit the country’s southwest. The new island consists of a mound of mud and rock 20 meters high and 90 meters wide.